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La Renommee 1744 1-4

Length : 1230 mm  
body length: 950 mm
Width: 550 mm
Body width: 250 mm
Height: 950mm
body height 250 mm
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This ship will provide trouble free service for any part missing or damage when you received 

  • Scale:1/48
  • Length : 1230 mm  
  • body length: 927 mm
  • Width: 550 mm
  • Body width: 250 mm
  • Height: 950mm 
  • body height 250 mm
  • Building berth included in kit
  • Keel, rib, hull is American cherry wood 
  • Hull and carvings are boxwood
  • Boxwood figurehead with very high detail 
  • Deck use white maple
  • Gun, anchor, rudder hinge, brass casting, many metal fittings
  • All leaser-cut wooden plate with fine wood ( less color difference)
  • POF kit, many high accurate ribs
  • 8 pound class artillery * 26 
  • 4 pound class artillery  * 4 
  • English instruction
  • A0 drawing 1:1 


    Few frigates of the mid-1700s displayed the sleek lines and advanced features of la Renommée (pronounced: reh-noh-may´),

    which was built in 1744 and carried eight pounders. Her unique nau tical architecture influenced the future of ship design in England as well as in France.

    La Renommée sailed both sides of the Atlantic under the French and British ensigns for almost 27 years.

  • there are 6 session totally

    SESSION ONE: The middle rib is easy for beginners to make.

    SESSION TWO: bow ribs are more difficult.

    SESSION THREE: the stern rib is a little more difficult.

    SESSION FOUR: keel and berth.

    SESSION FIVE: main deck and main gun.

    SESSION SIX:  the upper deck, the whole ship carvings 

    A: inner structure upgrade ( will released before 5-6 sessions)

    B: mast upgrade


    the 5 , and 6 session will release on next year (2022)

  • Q1: How about wooden material quality in kit:

    A: the quality of wooden is no problem at all, all use very fine wood. however, the nature wood have color difference, this can not avoid in produce process. 

    So, this kit have two quality of wood for choose: B LEVEL  and C leveL ( sell here is C level, and any in market with this price is C level, 

    B level need order to produce, no one have it in stock, so dont spend more money buy a C level kit).

    Q2: What difference with level B and C detail:

    A: if you are very specific with high quality wood, choose B level. 

    C level wooden material have some color difference in kit.

    B level will provide less color difference wood material actually will have color difference but not obvious
  • the color difference of wood material B is much less than C. which all chooses or selected. it can not say no any color difference, but the no obvious color difference. 

    hence if you choose B to buy , we need time to choose the wood material to made your kit. 

    we need 10-20 days to made B level to you, B LEVEL NEED ORDER , if you need this let me know

    Q3: Does all rib and wooden all laser cut?

    A: YES, all rib are laser cut hence it very accurate, only part of fittings not laser cut

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